What do people think?
Here are some comments made by students and musicians about my guitar playing and teaching ability.

ozzy_testimonials"I was delighted to hear your record. You really are quite a good player. The production is very nice and your tone is outstanding. You have a great technique, vibrato, intonation and phrasing. Definitely a cut above so much I do receive. If I was to critique... hmmm, hard to do since you have all the elements nicely in place... I feel you have something great going on. All the best of luck. Peace, love and good happiness stuff" 
Steve Vai 2019.







ozzy_testimonials"I've just listened to your CD and I'm really f***ing impressed man, really impressed. I'd like to meet you and see you play..."
Ozzy Osbourne.
This was from a phone call I got from Ozzy when I sent him a demo CD after I heard he was looking for a new guitar player in late 2005.
(Unfortunately Zakk Wylde made himself available again shortly after and the search for a new guitarist was off.)






sting2"I like the guitar playing...."
This was in reference to an album I recorded for Bhangra band The Sahotas. This EMI release called 'The Right Time' came out in 1995.
Sting's manager Miles Copeland said of the band "The Sahotas are one of the coolest and most original bands I have come across in years. We are pleased to be involved in the exiting developments in the Bhangra scene and anticipate a great future for the band."





randykd"Des plays in the Randy Rhoads school but makes it his own. He'd get the Quiet Riot gig in a heartbeat."
Kevin DuBrow Quiet Riot vocalist.
Sadly Kevin passed away late November 2007 aged just 52. He'd asked me to join his band Quiet Riot and we had plans to tour the UK in 2008. I liked him very much and he was always incredibly good to me. He was a great character and a very thoughtful and generous friend.
R.I.P Kevin, I miss you.



glenn"We should jam sometime, you're good man..."
Glenn Hughes Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Black Country Communion vocalist.









jim"I have known Des for many years and worked with him on several projects. His musical knowledge and skill never cease to inspire and amaze me. We worked together in a rock band called Big Trouble during the early 90’s. During this time his guitar playing was a guiding light in the band and his friendship give me some of my fondest memories. Not only is he professional in every endeavor, but his pertinence and willingness to listen make him capable in every challenge that is put before him. I can truly say he is a friend and brother and look forward to our future musical expeditions together."
Jim Rudge, professional bassplayer for Stan Webb's Chicken Shack



brian"After 30 years I had reached a ceiling in my playing, I was not getting any better or faster and felt I was repeating myself so I spoke to Des about having a couple of guitar lessons and he was able to show me some new scales and exercises I had never seen before and even improve my technique. So if you're thinking of having a guitar lesson do it! You will save yourself a lot of time in the long run. Des is a great player and teacher."
Brian Tatler of Diamon Head









melgalley"A very interesting page with some great music on here. "Shame" is a great track. Nice work."
Mel Galley Guitarist for Whitesnake, Trapeze and Phenomena.









kellyrandyHi Des, I listened to your tunes and they are VERY good. if I still played I'd want to be in a band with you. I might even move to England to do it! I especially liked the 'Bond' theme and the one with the strange tuning. As far as the Randy stuff goes it's dead on and you do justice to my good friend."
Kelly Garni original bass player from Quiet Riot.




tom"Not only is Des a world class guitarist, but he is also a phenomenal teacher. Under Des' guidance, my technique and overall playing has improved vastly over such a short period of time. His lessons are friendly, laid back and represent great value for money. I would recommend his lessons to anyone who wants to develop their guitar playing" "
Tom Babington -Student.


chrisd"Des is a great teacher, very patient and if you put in the practice, he will turn you into a great guitar player. I had lessons with Des 12 years ago and I still find myself thinking back to things he taught me. If your serious about playing guitar, then I would recommend you give Des a try. On another note, he is also a really nice guy and although I stopped lessons with him 10 years ago, we have kept in touch and I consider him to be one of my best friends."
Chris Dangerfield who now plays for the ultimate Robbie Williams tribute band Dodgie Williams.

petewilkinsonImpressive website! Randy would really appreciate all the work you did in honor of his too short life. I listened to you soundbites, and you got Randy's style down. Randy would be blown away by how you got his style down! Randy always appreciated people who work hard at playing the guitar.
Peter Wilkinson.






sam"I first met Des in 1994. I was playing bass with a band called The Sahotas who were about to embark on a UK tour supporting Aswad. From the outset we got on as we were able to appreciate each others ability to play our respective instruments. His technique and feel for guitar is second to none. His professionalism is without doubt first rate, and as a person he's a sound kinda guy. His style of play conjours up images of walks in the park on a sunny day, desolation fear bereft of hope, or going 15 rounds playing Mike Tyson as he beats Bruno into submission. You must understand that what I'm trying to say is that this guy plays a mean guitar that is both emotive and full of soul. So I've no doubt that in his teachings he'll be taking pride and making sure that his pupils get 110% of his vast knowledge of music that is his to pass on."
Robert Samuels Session Bass player


russRussell Eldridge, retail sales manager at Oakleigh Music Halesowen, has this to say:

The comments below have come to Oakleigh Music (formerly MIR) through pupils Des has been teaching over a period of time. In our book, long may Des's teaching methods continue. We believe he has a fail-safe method for getting the right results from his students, but more importantly his students enjoy their lessons. This for us is the icing on the very tasty cake that is Des Sherwood Guitar Tuition."

Russell Eldridge, formerly MIR, Music King and now Oakleigh Music (near Makro).

We first starting referring people to Des for lessons in 1997. Having heard only excellent reports from pupils young and old alike Des has become by far the most highly recommended and popular tutor we have on our books. We value feedback from our customers immensely and reports about Des's teaching styles are as follows:

His methods are easy to understand and enjoyable. I learnt more in 4 weeks than I had in 4 months prior to seeing Des. Des teaches me songs I want to learn as opposed to songs I have to learn. Des never gave me a hard time when I struggled with practice, he simply encouraged me to get it right. I wish I had been to see Des a long long time ago.

gav"Des Sherwood's professionalism is such, that if the studio were on fire, he would finish his overdub before leaving the building.....as an example, he is the only musician I have ever asked to repeat a double tracked part, not because it was sloppy, but because his second take was so close to the original, it still sounded like one guitar"
Gavin Monaghan, independent producer.




theglitz"We first met Des when he played in the rock band Big Trouble, we were blown away by his brilliant guitar work and soon we persuaded him to dep for us, whenever his busy schedule would allow. He has made numerous guest appearances with Ballroom Glitz and always his unique style has added something special to our show. The consumate professional, Des once came to our rescue with only one hours notice and coolly turned in a perfect performance worthy of someone who had been preparing for this show for weeks. On another occasion he depped for our bass player learning all the parts in less than one week and played all the shows seamlessly with no band rehearsal. A great player and a lovely person to work with!!"
Ballroom Glitz, 70's Glam band.



"I’ve only been having lessons from Des a few months but already I feel I’ve improved dramatically, before coming to have lessons with Des I didn’t know hardly anything about the way things worked or how to play the guitar properly but I was soon taught, I’ve got out of bad habits and my guitar technique has got a lot better! I had (with my band 'Dakota') a Rock the Castle audition and after the event took place one of the judges commented on my guitar playing saying it was interesting and clean and I have Des to thank for that! Des has got to be the best guitarist I’ve seen and getting taught by him is great; I understand things a lot clearer, I don’t feel intimidated or embarrassed if I get things wrong and after 8 years of playing guitar I wish I’d have called him sooner."
Lisa Reed, 15.

"Des is probably the best guitarist that I've ever had the pleasure to meet. And through the past fifteen years of playing, I have met quite a few. Just listen to some of the Randy Rhoads solos that he has recorded and posted on his site!! Keep on rockin' Des!!"
Jamie Pressley, guitar player, 28.

rossnamedRoss aged 6 wrote this for school.... "Guitar is the best. I have guitar lessons on a Friday evening. My teacher's name is Des and I like him because he doesn't shout when you get things wrong."






mark"Aside form being an obviously talented guitarist, Des has an ability to explain the theory and practice of difficult techniques in a familiar context. He is a friendly and experienced tutor who can quickly resolve problems and improve all aspects of your playing dramatically over time." Mark likes to get carried away at his gigs as his picture clearly shows. Rock 'n' roll!
Mark Cooper, 19.



"Instead of having a lesson, I would quite happily pay just to hear him play for an hour."
Karen Parkes, operating theatre technician.

"Des' lessons are highly effective and enjoyable. Des is an excellent guitarist and is able teach to a very high standard. Des can teach a wide range of styles and different genre of music. His lessons are of a very high quality."
Matthew Johnson, 16.

samneal"Geeh, your tuition all them years ago was fine! You started me off on a long and beautiful road of musical enlightenment. Cheers Des, I ain't spoke to you for ages but them there lessons was stonking... Keep up the good work."
Sam Neal, Past student.
Unfortunately, Sam passed away in August 2003.
Sam was a very pleasant person. A pleasure to teach and talk to.
My thoughts are with you and your friends and family.
Rest in peace my friend, you are missed.

As you can see, I enjoy teaching people of all ages and walks of life all over the world and in many styles of music. So whatever your age or musical interest or location, feel free to contact me to book a lesson or find out anything that may not be included on this site. I look forward to hearing from you.


Des Sherwood.