Video and audio from some of my students past and present.

Matt Rowley

Matt has started work on recording videos for his grade 8 guitar exam with RGT. Here's his first offering, Satch Boogie by Joe Satriani.

Tom Babbington

Tom is recording videos of covers for his grade 8 RGT exam. Here's Tom playing YYZ by Rush. Great job!

Amy Lewis

amyI taught Amy for about 6 years, she now plays all over the UK and Europe in her band Fallen Arise.
She is one of my most dedicated students and takes her playing very seriously.
She's a great bass player too!







Here's her cover of 'Satch Boogie' By Joe Satriani. (December 2012)

Here she is playing a cover of Crystal Planet by Joe Satriani (July 2012). I can't tell you how blown away I was when this popped up on YouTube. She worked it all out herself, all I did was add some performance tips. Very proud of her!!


Tim Raybould

carlI started teaching Tim around 2011 when he was about 15 and I'm really impressed with how he's progressed since then. I got Tim an audition for my old band Dizzy Lizzy in 2013, a band who formed before he was born! He got the gig and has been with them ever since. Tim is on the right in the video. He still attends regular lessons and is one of the most dedicated students to the guitar that I have ever taught.
Photograph by MER Photography


Rob Sansom

robsamson I've been teaching Rob for a couple of years and we've recently been working on this Joe Satriani song 'Crying'. Not an easy song to play to this high standard by any means. By his own admittance, this isn't a flawless performance but for me it really shows how much control and feel Rob has developed over the past couple of years. Nice tone, nice string bending and smooth vibrato:-) Great job!