Prince Of Darkness

Formed Ozzy Osbourne tribute band with Jim and Calvert from Big Trouble, the multi-talented Andy Vargo on keyboards and J.P as Ozzy. gallerydes13


jp1Rehearsals started around 2002/2003 due to my renewed interest in the guitar playing of Randy Rhoads. It took us a while find a suitable ‘Ozzy’. Not an easy thing to do! Initially a Rhoads tribute band, it became a full on Ozzy tribute after the first gig in July 2005.
We played local gigs and recorded a demo over the next couple of years..
During this time I got the phone call from Ozzy Osbourne when he was looking for a new guitar player. I couldn’t have been more ready.
Pity Zakk declared his loyalty to Ozzy again shortly afterwards.
We split in July 2008 feeling that I had accomplished what I had set out to do. To make the ultimate Ozzy Tribute.


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