I have been a full time professional guitar teacher forĀ 27 years now (as of 2024) and have built a good reputation and successful teaching method. My lessons are informal and friendly but I do expect students to practice.
Have a look at the testimonials page to see what students and musicians have to say about me.


During the first lesson I will ask you what you want to learn. I will not push anyone into reading music or tedious amounts of theory if that's not what you want to do. After all, lessons should be fun! However, there are certain things that I will insist you learn as they are an important part of 'being able to play', e.g. If you say you want to play lead lines and improvise solos but don't want to have to learn any scales, then I will insist on showing you the scales you need to be able to achieve this. It's the only way.

If you have been playing for a while, the first part of the lesson will be spent looking at your technique and getting rid of any bad habits you may have got into along the way.

I became a full time guitar teacher for two reasons. One being the desire to earn a living doing something I enjoy and am good at and the other is a natural need to share my knowledge.

I genuinely want every student to do his/her best and will always do my best to achieve this. My desire to help people learn doesn't always stop after the lesson has finished. Often I have scanned music and sent them to students by email for further study, written reports for students for their Duke of Edinburgh Awards and have written and printed recommendations for students who want to get into music colleges.
I want every student to leave the lesson feeling they have learned something of interest and have been given value for money.