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I am currently writing a book on the secrets of practicing the guitar. My aim for this book is to divulge all the secrets necessary for readers to be able to sound as good as their favourite guitar players.
For a long time now I have been disappointed looking at other books and magazine articles because they don’t go into enough detail about how to play!
Photographs are misleading, information is missing and you see the same BASIC ideas repeated over and over in different books.
This book will go in depth about how to achieve great vibrato, how to get rid of unwanted string noise, how to speed up your chord changes, how to go from impulse to warp speed with your picking and much more.
No gimmicks, no pages padded out with pictures of a million types of guitars, this is a no holds barred look at how to make your guitar sound the way you have always wanted it to.
I won’t lie to you though. I don’t claim to have a magic spell to make you improve instantly. There’s no such thing as ‘get rich quick’. All the knowledge you’ll need to sound great will be within the pages of this book but it does require you to put some hard work in too.
Steve Vai didn't master the fretboard by 'noodling around’ for a bit after dinner, then going down the pub with his mates.
Gary Moore didn’t learn how to express his deepest emotions on the guitar by tapping his fingers to plastic buttons on ‘Guitar Hero’ for half an hour before playing Call of Duty on XBox.
Playing the guitar to a high standard requires dedication and patience amongst other things.
My book will show you the essential techniques that took me years to figure out, that you can understand just by reading a few paragraphs.
The rest is up to you to nail it down.
This is why my book will help you.
Good luck;-)